love poems / dream poems

By Nikoletta Nousiopoulos



Dream horse, who trips the sea’s brain cavity,
I no longer know a way home.
Insomnia rolls in the waves of the sky.

Take these words from the foam of sleep,
from the tremors that ride
and burn your heels.

Golden rocks and rocking trees,
teach me how to heal
my broken man.

I cry and sleep and eat,
until I extract rotten words
in a luxurious world.




Every poem has a particular echo
that pops like fire in a birthing volcano.




We will sleep through Boston rain
in a cardboard box;
the suns of writers
are blotching up
paper trails.

Forget the first day
of our lives
or forgive the last:

atom-meat, doll-faced species,
an unconscious train,
decayed corpses
of tin house words.


Nikoletta Nousiopoulos published "all the dead goats" in 2010 with Little Red Tree Publishing. Her poetry has appeared in Meadowland Review, Connecticut River Review, and Looseleaf Tea. She works as an adjunct professor of writing at Mitchell College and Three Rivers Community College, and waitresses at her family's restaurant.

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