violations and musings

a textual evolution of                     f  l  e  s  H  s e l f

By Ashley Miranda


fleshself or              selfish       [ me or, if it pleases, or if you need be]           


                                   every instance is simply an instance


[sticky nights – a yellow beam of orange thoughts and the taste of frantic icons. an image of
the axial tilt, a microcosm of the solstice exist on your skin, some pleasure hub of
ritual               or so the          image      goes]


so    stand        still             


stand ill     (
                    the flesh wears a mask of defeat_each night we re
                    incarnate as the living entity of DOUBT)

DOUBT is as selfish as flesh can be, eating away the cochlea


we are wicked


Ashley Miranda is a poet from Chicago. She has been previously published in the Denver Quarterly and the zine The Black Dog Goes For a Walk. She is influenced by the Language Poets, the Surrealists, and the Oulipians. She obtained her MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014, and currently tweets impulse poetry @dustwhispers.  An archive of her twitter poetry can be found at

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